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Because Dreams Come True.

Do you remember the days when you were young.. when life was bliss and the days are care free? This picture reminds me so much about a time where fairy tales are real. Prince Charming is coming… and I am a REAL princess.


As we grow up, we fall down and get hurt. We get rejected. We are left alone.. broken… wondering what is wrong with us. Our first heartbreak – romantic or not – becomes the alarm clock of life. The sound that rings and wakes us into reality.


It can come in many form. Maybe your father left you. Maybe your Mom was a drunkard. Maybe you were abused. Maybe you were not loved by that guy you wish to share your life with. The alarm clock of life comes in different times, in different kinds..


But despite that, we should never give up. We should never lose hope. Like balloons, our dreams may never fly forever.. but seeing one fly even for a moment gives us that magical feeling that flying is possible.


so Dream.



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