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REALationships Part 1 – Who do you say I am?

Today, I am starting a series of studies which I will call REALationships. In this world where relationships are defined by selfish desires and ambitions, could you really find REAL relationships that will last a lifetime? What is a relationship and why does it matter?

Be with me in this journey of discovering what relationships mean not in an intellectual level, but in a Spiritual and Emotional one as well. As a social worker, I deal with relationships all the time.. but I just want to step back and see the picture.. How do I really deal with REALationships in my life?

REALationship with GOD – PART 1

So, for PART 1.. Here’s a conversation I had with God just an hour ago.


What is my relationship with God? How am I connected to Him? Who is He in my life?


I could read all the books about Him. I can search Him at Google. I can read the Bible from cover to cover… Would I know Him? Maybe.. in an intellectual level.

Who is Jesus and how am I related to Him? What did he do? Why should I be a Christian? Does that matter?


I was praying that time. I started to answer those questions. They were Basic and fundamental Christian truths. These truths spell out that JESUS is the Son of GOD.. the same God who made the heavens and the Earth.. the God who created me after His own image. Christianity says that Jesus is the one who took our place to die so we will not be given judgement in hell..

Then, a question whispered in my heart..

“Who do you say I am?” – He says.

He asked that to Peter. He is asking me that.

“Who do you say I am?” There it goes again..

I know God does not need an intellectual answer. My intellect with all its achievements was no match for His knowledge and wisdom.

So I told Him in all honesty..

“You have been my best friend. My greatest comforter. My Savior. My provider. My Lifegiver. You have been the answer when I don’t understand and when I had tons of questions. You have been the one who promised me a lot of things and made it into completion. You never left me.. never forsook me..”

“Who do you say I am?” The question came another time.

I knew he was asking me to examine who He was in my life. More than the beautified answers you give your churchmates or people you meet. He was asking for a deeper meaning. So I answered…

“You have been the One who saved me from depression, self-doubt, low self-esteem and emotional turmoil. You were the one who redeemed me and restored my family. You took me out of my shell and showed how wonderful I am despite of how I looked and with all my insecurities. You gave me friends who loved me and helped me. You provided for me when it seems like I cannot fulfill my goals. You have been and continue to be my SAVIOR. the giver of abundant LIFE – life at its fullest.”

“Who do you say I am?” He inquired for a third time.

Yes, He has done a lot of things for me. He was many things to me. But, he was asking me something more. He was asking me if I really knew Him. Who do you say I am, he says it again.. so I told Him plainly.

“I say that You are the Son of God whom He gave to redeem this fallen world (john 3:16).. You are Love in its truest form (I John 4:8). You are LORD. Romans 10:9.”

“Feed My Sheep.” He concluded.

I knew I had to pay the price. I knew He was asking for much more. Luke 19:8-20 explained it all.

Luke 9:18-20 is a powerful message for it was able to capture an important truth to each of us believers.

At this point in time where the world has fallen into a corrupt state, we need to really keep in tune with God and His calling for us. Many people have a lot to say about who Jesus is.. Some say He is a good man. Some use his name to curse. Some say he was just a prophet. Some say He didn’t even exist.

As a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ), how do you view Jesus? Peter said in Luke 9:20 “You are the Messiah, sent from God.” (NLT).

Messiah (Hebrew) and Christ (Greek) means the ANOINTED ONE.

according to

Messiah is Mashiach which is a Hebrew word that  “comes from the verb Mashach which means to smear or anoint with oil, usually for the purpose of dedication or consecrating something (such as a temple vessel) or someone (such as a prophet, priest or king) for the service of Adonai.” They further expressed that “the person (or thing) anointed by God was called mashiach – an ‘anointed one’ or ‘chosen one.'”

JESUS is the MESSIAH. The chosen ONE who will take away the sins of the world forever by dying on the cross so we may be connected once again to GOD. JESUS is Lord. JESUS is God in the flesh.


When Peter answered Jesus’ question of who Peter thinks He is… He followed it up with what the price of believing Him as the Messiah meant..

It means carrying up your CROSS DAILY. Dying so you might live.

Luke 9:23 (NLT)

Then he said to the crowd, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily and follow me.”

Luke 9:24 (NLT)

If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.

Luke 9:26 (NLT)

If anyone is ashamed of me and my message, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when he returns in his glory and in the glory of the Father and the holy angels.

Do you know Jesus? Are you experiencing persecution – physical or social? THEN, take heart! Jesus knew you would go through all that. But be assured that HE knows. He lives. He will wipe away every tear from your face. So do not be ashamed. take up your cross. Follow HIM.

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Call Him… Maybe..



When I was cleaning my room last long weekend, I got to see these previous name tags which I wore for various organizations and various events. I love events! If I had a real good camera, I’d probably volunteer to take photos. hahaha. but, sadly, I do not have one. So I usually do other things, which I am capable of and enjoy doing also…


When I saw these tags, I was reminded of the life I lived since College. A life I lived then with full reverence and faith to Jesus Christ. It has been a better.. so much better life compared to the life I lived before.. It has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day I found Someone who knows MY name, and knows who I really am… No pretentions, no make-ups, plain me.


Yesterday, and today.. I have been intrigued by a phrase in the Bible that says.. “who calls upon the Name of the Lord.” If God knows my name, do I know His? do I know HIM? All of HIM? What is in the name of God? Why should we call upon His name and not any other name..


I was watching Batman – Dark Knight in the local channel yesterday, and at the end of the movie, Gordon destroyed the machine which they use to call Batman… When do they call him? of course, when they need help and chaos is in Gotham.


Perhaps, calling upon the Name of the Lord is like that. We give our full trust to Him. Calling His name when we are in trouble… just like we called our parents when we were young whenever we become afraid. But I also think that calling upon the Name of the Lord is more than that. For me it means, recognizing that everything comes from Him. Calling Him and attributing to Him when good things are happening in your life.. Trusting Him when you feel like giving up. Being His child in good times or bad. Knowing Him in his fullness and majesty. That is calling upon His name. Can you call someone you don’t know? Who is God to you…


And here’s a song about God’s Name. Hope you enjoy this one just as I did when I first heard it. 😀


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Dinner. SPAG A LEVI.



Today, I made dinner. Since my 2nd cousin whose name is Green, challenged me about my spaghetti. I proved, once again, that I am the SPAG Princess in our house. To make my MOM smile and also to celebrate  the passing of a deadline at work, I cooked spaghetti with bread. Kuya Green had three servings! HA! 


I love cooking and eating spaghetti. ❤ Next time, I ought to try other kinds. This one has tuna flakes, parsley, basil, carrots and italian style spag sauce. It is sour with a hint of sweetness. 🙂


Pede na mag-asawa? 😀