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Saved Festival 2012



What an experience I had today for the Saved Festival 2012. 🙂 It’s amazing how God can use the minor details of our lives to speak to us. Hence, I am now sharing with you my experience just a few hours ago about God’s work in our lives.


Last week, I won tickets to the SAVED FESTIVAL, a Christian Concert with artists like the Katinas, Abandon, Paglaum, GloryFall and Desperation Band. I asked my younger brother to come with me.. So he did. We scheduled to get our tickets the day itself because it was a holiday. 😀 Supposedly, I was not going to the concert because I cannot come on time due to my work, but work was cancelled. Another concern I had was the money, because I was saving up for our Young Adult Ministry’s anniversary in Cebu. God answered that concern of mine as well. He gave us free tickets courtesy of Mellow 94.7 in DJ Ingrid’s show. So it was 2 Gen Ad tickets which actually costs 250 each.


Early this day, my younger bro and I had to do some housework. When we were about to leave, my Mom told us to bring along our 2nd cousin Kuya Green. I was a bit concerned that Kuya might not like it because it was a Christian concert. But I know, he also needs time out of the house.. So we went with him. We were walking out of the subdivision, when we decided to just use a car.


We arrived at Boni at about 5:10 pm. I had to walk back to Reliance just to get the ticket while they parked near Boni. When I arrived at Mellow, DJ Chris of the C&C Music Factory was there. COOL! He gave me the tickets after he called DJ Ingrid to verify. I was rushing out of the booth to get to my brother and cousin when I noticed that the ticket was VIP. 🙂 I was happy… until I realized that I also need to buy an extra VIP ticket in order to accommodate Kuya Green. When I arrived at the car, I explained to them the situation. I called my MOM, she said she did not have money to buy the amount of the ticket… What do I do?


I decided that time to buy a ticket for Kuya. I will just use my credit card. THANK GOD FOR CREDIT CARDS!!! 🙂 Unfortunately, when we arrived at the MOA Arena ticketing center, the system was down.. So I HAD TO PAY IN CASH. I withdrew the money I had left in my bank… and I don’t know if I can survive the rest of the week. Hehehe. I was a bit worried, but I know I can make it through..


When we went in, the food also costs much. The price range of food in MOA Arena is about 100 pesos for hotdog sandwich and iced tea. Literally, I do not have enough money. But… God assured me HE will PROVIDE. He provided the 1500 that night, He will also provide for me in CEBU. It was a good thing Kuya Green came with us… I know God has touched his heart too. I was personally blessed and also my younger brother. What’s 1500 compared to the whole experience? It’s a small sacrifice I pay…


At the end of the day I had so much fun. I feel energized and blessed. I know that God has great plans… and I am part of it… 🙂


I learned, or re-learned rather.. about LOVE, UNITY and GRACE. I learned more about JESUS.


So here are some songs that the artists sang that I want to share with you. be blessed!



For your LOVE LIFE! Wait! 🙂

HOME. — a very touching song