Push ups!

I don’t know how to do push-ups…

But I definitely know how it feels to exert much effort just so you can push yourself up.

I live in a time where society is more advanced than ever, and basic knowledge means nothing. Things are getting more complex when it comes to medicine, science, engineering and even social services. That is why, I thought, I wanted to level up. So I took an online masters degree at the UP Open University in 2012. Boy! This is more challenging than the days I spent in undergrad!

I’m actually not ranting about how difficult my MA is, but I am more of celebrating the hardships and looking forward to the future victory… another chance to wear my sablay since I finished a quest for academic excellence! 🙂

There are times it feels more convenient to quit. There’s the demand of work and personal life. There’s your mom telling you not to stay up all night (but MOM and DAD.. I really have to!). There are circumstances that you seem to ask yourself, “why am I doing this? why am I making my life more difficult?” And at this present moment, I experience this sense of frustration.

So today, I decided to remember what made me take a Masters degree in 2012. First, my love for learning can never be quenched. Then, I wanted to improve so that the services I can give to my clients/beneficiaries are at par with current standards. Three, I wanted to teach someday if circumstances allow.

How about you? Do you seem tired of pursuing things that you cannot feel the reality of your goal? Do not fret my friend, you are not alone. When circumstances like this come, there is one thing to do.. GO BACK. GO BACK TO THE REASONS WHY YOU PURSUED YOUR DREAMS IN THE FIRST PLACE. There you will find the will to go on and push forward. There, you will re-discover your drive to PUSH YOURSELF UP! 🙂