Someone Attached to Grace.


Hi. Guten Tag. Marhay na aldao. Kamusta?

I am Levi Grace Ambon. My name means Attached to (Levi) Grace and Drizzle. I am many different things, but most people took less notice of me. I am not a head turner nor an interesting personality at first, but I prove to be someone of worth as time passes by.


I am an introvert. I love thinking. I love reading. I love art. I love capturing photographic moments. I am a student of life… a student of love…


Today, I play different roles in my life. Most importantly.. I am a lover of Christ. Though I fail Him many times, I continue to press on to live a life worthy of the calling I have received. I live for His glory. As a social worker, i help people. It is my ministry.


In this blog, I will share stories, thoughts, ideas, photos, reviews on my brief journey here on Earth. I hope you enjoy life as I do. 🙂


God bless you!




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