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Family Time

For a Young Adult’s life, balancing acts are so common in every situation. You have to give time to your career, your love life, other sources of income, ministry, social life, school.. but sometimes the least priority becomes our family.

It’s so sad that too many young people spend their days with friends.. when as a matter of fact.. they should be spending it with their families because once they get married.. they wouldn’t and shouldn’t be living with their parents or siblings anymore.. So personally, I also give time to my family. Some people do not understand it, but I guess investing time with my parents and siblings will pay off in the future.. besides, I love them and I enjoy our time together!

So I also want you to meet my family..

Here’s my Papa..

here’s my sister who is sooo into modelling

By the way, I am also inspired by my MOM and DAD’s marriage.. They will be celebrating their 25th year anniversary next year! Yey!

So if you are still thinking of going home during the weekends.. or making time for them.. Do not hesitate! Spend each moment with your family! Fill your life with laughters and LOVE. ❤

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Beginnings of a Beginner.

Today, I embark on a journey to document levi, love and life. I aim to impart my insights, give knowledge, inspire (if you would allow) my readers. I am not a perfect nor interesting person (maybe), but I think that by sharing my thoughts, I am able to give a part of myself to society.

I will give you book reviews, food reviews, journals, travel reviews, lessons on life, love stories, and what-nots.

With this first post, I cut the ribbon of this promising Blog. The musings of Someone attached to GRACE. May God be glorified.

With these.. I encourage you to see beyond.. Have  fun!