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Is anything worth more than your soul?

Passion for Excellence vs. Passion for Power
From Max Lucado – The Applause of Heaven

“The desire to be excellent is a gift from God, much needed in society. It is characterized by respect for quality and a yearning to use God’s gifts in a way that pleases him.”

“…there are certain things you can do that no one else can. Perhaps, it is parenting, or constructing homes, or encouraging the discouraged. There are things that only you can do, and you are alive to do them. In the great orchestra we call life, you have an instrument and a song, and you owe it to God to play them both sublimely.”

“But there is a canyon of difference between doing your best to glorify God and doing whatever it takes to glorify yourself. The quest for excellence is a mark of maturity. The quest for power is childish.”

“Absolute power is unreachable. The pole to the top is greasy, and the ladder rungs are made of cardboard. When you stand at the top – if there is a top – the only way to go is down. And the decent is painful.”

“A thousand years from now, will it matter what title the world gave you? No, but it will make a literal hell of a difference whose child you are.”

“I guess when you’re a king, you don’t have to worry about being proper for the sake of status. You already have all you need. That goes for children of the King too.”
Matt 16:26
“And what do you benefit f you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?”

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CHAPTER 1: Introductions.

Under Cover

John Bevere, at the start of his book equates the words under cover to protection and freedom. He explains that “the one who is under cover is the one under God’s authority.” Protection comes when God takes control over our lives. God, the Maker of the whole earth, universe… the whole you.. gives you protection if you come under His protective arms. Just as a State cannot fully protect its citizens, when they are in another country.. God cannot also protect us if we go out of His protection and authority.


Bevere further explains the concept of authority. Personally, I equate authority with power. People in the government who has authority has power. They have power to restrict, power to command, power to get things even without my agreement. The government gets taxes from me even if I frown at the amount they take from my salary… especially since the money I work hard for is just corrupted by some selfish politician.

In an essence, our relationship with God is like that. Whether we like it or not, He has the authority… after all He is our Maker (see the book of Genesis chapters 1-3). On the other hand, humans have the innate nature of taking over.. wanting to be like God as Eve and Adam have done in the garden of Eden. We do not want authority. We want to be the boss. What we fail to see is the big difference between God and the government, for instance. Government and all human institutions are flawed and far from perfect.. but God is never flawed and He is perfect in every way.



Sometimes, we grow tired and helpless since we face difficulties submitting to God’s authority. There are moments when we become hopeless and frustrated with ourselves because we fail God every time. I have been there. Sometimes, I still go back there.. as God prunes all the bad things about me.. sometimes.. I still find myself in the pits of hopelessness. Have you been there as well? Have you experienced troubles acknowledging the authority of our Maker? Though spot isn’t it? As humans, we want to take over all the aspects of our lives – finances, career, family, love  life, studies, business.. and a whole lot of things. There are moments when God doesn’t want you to have the rich-and-the-famous-lifestyle, but you insist. There are times when you REALLY. REALLY. REALLY. like a guy/girl.. but he/she is not the one says God. Some people, on the other hand, experience pursuing a great career and then God calls them into the ministry… It is difficult to obey an authority… but it will save us from a whole lot of trouble.


John Bevere asserts that “what causes many to drift in their walk with God” is REBELLION. Rebellion is going against what God desires. Lucifer did it. Adam and Eve also took part of it. Many other men and women followed them after… including John Bevere and myself.. Rebellion comes subtly, as Bever explains, it is not blatant. So if you and me are experiencing subtle rebellion now, let us be open to the word of God. Let it act us a blade ready to pierce our hearts where it needs to be pierced. Let us receive correction.. for heeding correction leads to repentance and repentance leads to life..

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Get the Shots

John imparts a story about him getting immunization as a child. He said that he didn’t want it at first, cause he knows he will get hurt. However, after his parents explained that it is needed so that he wouldn’t acquire a disease that can take his very life, he agreed.. seeing that prevention is better.

In the same way, let’s also get the shots. Accept the sting. Deal with the pain. If there is something wrong with our lives right now… let’s turn it over to God.. let’s be brave enough to deal with it.. As John says:

“I knew the shot would be somewhat painful, but it would keep me from experiencing much greater pain from contracting a dreadful and possible disease.”

Don’t wait for the disease to engulf your spiritual life. Get the shots. Change your heart. Accept discipline. God disciplines those He loves.

“Often the painful words, not the smooth ones, ultimately bring the greatest freedom and protection.” – John Bevere.

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Unearthing Under Cover.

Starting today, I will be reading and sharing my insights on John Bevere’s book entitled Under Cover: The Promise of Protection Under His Authority.

I hope you will join me in this journey of seeing God’s protection in my life.. our lives.. May you and I be able to open our hearts to what He has to say. ❤

I aim to give you a preview on each chapter each week as long as I can manage to read and write.. and if I am not out of town. So excited!