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CEBU for first time travelers (Part 2 DAY)

It has been a long time since I’ve posted my Cebu Adventures. You might have been left hanging.. but here goes PART 2 after months of busyness, I finally found time to write.

If you missed part 1, here’s a link: πŸ™‚



So begins DAY 2!

November 16, 2012

We barely had time to sleep since we arrived almost midnight the night before. Thanks to our delayed flight. Hehe. Sleeping in Cebu for the first time was refreshing. We woke up about 6 AM the following day, watched a little TV from the cable-ready television in our room and took turns taking a bath. The amenities for the hotel was quite good. They even had a sort of laundry/kitchen area.

After preparing for our transfer to our event venue, we decided to eat at the restaurant located at the lobby of the hotel. The restaurant’s name is ZUBUCHON which offers the nation-wide famous Cebu Lechon.


The hotel is near a busy street, and unlike the night before, the street was filled with the colorful multi-cabs of the island. Zubuchon offers a variety of dishes which is a bit pricy for a frugal traveler. Their food ranges from 90-120 pesos per serving. This is a snap shot of their menu.


Dek and I ordered Zubuchon, while Rex ordered slow-cooked Adobo. All in all the food was yummy. πŸ™‚ The staff of this branch was also very accommodating, warm and responded quickly to our request.


However, one thing to note is you have to wait for your food a bit. So, if you are in a hurry, this might not be the best option to have your meal. see the picture below? Yes, I was so hungry waiting for my food! haha.



The food was worth the wait though… πŸ™‚


























UH-OH.. Besides the length of time, we also noticed an insect in one of the condiments in our table.


See that guy swimming in a sea of salt at the right side of the bottle?

But we didn’t mind. πŸ˜€




After these adventures as a group, we headed to our event – the 6th anniversary of the Jesus is Lord Church – Young Adult Ministry. I think I will be posting in another section activities pertaining to the event. πŸ˜€





TIP# 1: Try something new.

TIP #2: When we traveled from the hotel to our event destination… we realized that we should not act as if Β we are new in the place (though we are), the taxi driver was not very helpful and friendly. 😦 If we acted as if we were naive, he would have taken an additional 100 bucks from us.


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CEBU for first time travelers!

I don’t need to go to London to visit a Queen because I visited the Queen City of the South Last Nov. 15-20! Here’s my adventures in the beautiful province of CEBU!



So here goes an account on how to go about CEBU for us – first time travelers. This blog aims to give you tips on how to tour CEBU, how to commute in Cebu (hopefully), where to stay in Cebu, what to see in Cebu, where to eat in Cebu, etc.. Let’s take it day by day… πŸ™‚ Here goes!


Our flight was scheduled at 9 PM. Originally, we had a flight with AIRPHIL. But eventually, because of a new policy, we moved to Philippine Airlines.. which was great because they had SNACKS! πŸ™‚ We arrived 2 hours before our scheduled flight. Better late than sorry! But the policy is I guess 45 minutes before the flight. Anyway, just make sure you’re earlier than the 45 minute mark.


That’s Derek and Chi, checking-in our baggage at NAIA Terminal 2.


We arrived at the Mactan Airport on Nov. 15 about 11 pm. We had prepared for the trip in advance so we had reservations in a HOTEL. So that’s TIP #1.

TIP #1: Research in Advance. Book hotels in advance. Have a mental picture of the place. Research how to go from point A to point B.Β 

We checked in at Islands Stay Hotels in Mactan.


We hailed a metered taxi in the Airport. But he was charging us 150 ahead of time. I said that we stick to the meter’s readings, but he still insisted.. Since I was very tired, I said 120. Derek said 100. But I gave him 120 na rin… It’s a pity I didn’t get his plate number… I was extremely tired and was not feeling well.

HOTEL — The people in the hotel were nice. I didn’t feel a 5-star-treatment of course.. pero it was nice and warm naman… Here are some snapshots of Islands Stay hotels – MACTAN.


There were 2 beds. 2 people can fit in each.


They had a sink and a sort of kitchen but with no cooking tools.


They had a TV with Cable.



They had warm and cold water in the CR! πŸ™‚ It was clean.

The design of the room was also chic!








Islands Stay hotel charged 1650 for this LARGE room, but we had to add another 300 for an extra person.. so that’s 1950 for the three of us or 650 for each person.

Check out their website for rooms and rates. VisitΒ

The hotel is very near the airport and the bridge connecting Mactan to Cebu City, so its definitely a good place to stay.


TIP #2: Research for a place to eat at night or eat at the airport.

We were hungry when we arrived, but it was already about 12 am when we went out to eat. I felt a bit scary, good thing 2 guys were with me. We ended up eating at a carinderia near the hotel.. but to get there we had to climb a foot bridge (which was scary at night). We ordered Barbecue at the eatery. I didn’t like the taste that much, but Dek and Chi liked it… It took away our hunger and was reasonably priced.. 12 pesos per stick. there were many people drinking so I felt uncomfortable. But the staff were nice even if I couldn’t speak Cebuano so I felt safe naman.

If we had researched a place where we can eat.. maybe we wouldn’t end up in that eatery. It was okay for us, but if you are not up to it, better eat at the airport though it’s a bit pricey.

So that’s DAY 1 for you. I’ll post DAY 2 when I have time again! Ciao!! πŸ™‚