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Childhood Lessons Today!

This day reminded me so much of things that has been with me since childhood, which I still believe in and practice today… I want to share some of them with you.. perhaps you can learn something from them too…


1. Don’t spit anywhere.

In Pre-school, I studied under Fransciscan nuns in a school near our house. I remembered clearly that there were rules that they told us to do and not to do. Basically, it’s part of the GMRC subject that time. Rules such as don’t eat while attending a mass, respect your parents, etc… were definitely imparted and discussed. For some strange reason, “don’t spit anywhere” was one that was truly tattooed in my beliefs. Everytime I see someone spit in the road or everytime I see the saliva with phlegm on the street, I always say to myself (unknowingly) that my teacher in pre-school, Sis Avelina, told us not to spit anywhere because it’s not healthy and it’s not a good practice. Pretty much now, I can just imagine what happens when someone steps on that spit.. ewwww.. or if there’s flood and that mixes with flood water and you cannot avoid your feet being submerged to the water… ewwwww.. or maybe the person has some sickness he/she doesn’t know, and that disease spreads… ewwwww..


It’s pretty petty for some. But for me, its a value that I greatly practice. This simple rule reflects 2 things. First, it entails people to have self-discipline. People should discipline themselves to get a tissue, spit there and then throw the tissue in a garbage can somewhere… or go to a lavatory and spit in the sink or something… In that way, they stop the spread of diseases and ewwwiness.. hehehe. Second, it also reflects the lack of RESPECT for other people. Spit is definitely disgusting esp if it comes with phlegm.. so if you respect the people that pass by the road you spit on.. or if you think that there is a possibility your spit can mix with flood water if it rains.. you will not spit anywhere.



2. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

I remember in Grade School, we were taught about different sayings in English. The usual example was that sentence. That time… I was all out for it! I remember the grueling times where I cannot play cause I had to do homework… It was my favorite text to defend my rights for play. hehehe. But at my present age, this particular sentence reflects my value of balancing life. I don’t want to be the person who is great with work but lacks time with my family. When I get sick, my work will not take care of me.. my family will. My work can’t marry me, so I need to give time for my boyfriend. hahaha. I need friends to help me go through life’s phases. I am part of a Ministry which helps me grow spiritually. All work and no play does not necessarily mean all work and no fun.. For me, it means, you give time for work (for serious stuff).. but you also give time for things and people that gives you joy.. your passion.. your happiness. So take time off sometimes! There’s more to life than WORK!


3. My Nose is like my Father.

When I was in pre-school, we had an assignment about body parts… and that time people always tease my Dad about his nose. When we were rehearsing for my assignment, my mom (I think) asked me to repeat the lines she was saying.. my eyes is like my… my hair is like my… when it was the nose’s turn.. she said.. “my nose is like my father,” and I was so upset I cried. At present, I do not mind anymore. Yeah, my Dad may not have the most perfect nose. He may not be the perfect Dad… but he is the best that I could have. My mom is the best mom too… walang halong bola. I thank God for both of them.. Just as what my Papa said earlier when I arrived the house after a change of hair style… “Kahit nung kulot ka pa naman.. maganda ka na..” You should always look at yourself as beautiful because people that loves you and matters to you thinks that way. God thinks you are beautiful too because He created you! Don’t mind other people, they’re not staying permanently in your life anyway. Consider the comments of people that matters cause they will be honest to you even if you don’t want to hear the truth.


So there goes some of my realizations today. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Ciao!

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Family Time

For a Young Adult’s life, balancing acts are so common in every situation. You have to give time to your career, your love life, other sources of income, ministry, social life, school.. but sometimes the least priority becomes our family.

It’s so sad that too many young people spend their days with friends.. when as a matter of fact.. they should be spending it with their families because once they get married.. they wouldn’t and shouldn’t be living with their parents or siblings anymore.. So personally, I also give time to my family. Some people do not understand it, but I guess investing time with my parents and siblings will pay off in the future.. besides, I love them and I enjoy our time together!

So I also want you to meet my family..

Here’s my Papa..

here’s my sister who is sooo into modelling

By the way, I am also inspired by my MOM and DAD’s marriage.. They will be celebrating their 25th year anniversary next year! Yey!

So if you are still thinking of going home during the weekends.. or making time for them.. Do not hesitate! Spend each moment with your family! Fill your life with laughters and LOVE. ❤